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[Discuss] Some testers needed

Actually, I'm suffering from first time javascripting. The page is live 
again.... (uggg...)

Cheers. Steve.

On 03/10/2012 10:02 AM, Mick Timony wrote:
> I'm getting a blank page? I'm guessing the site is under some load.
> Mick
> On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 12:25 AM, Stephen Adler 
> <adler at <mailto:adler at>> wrote:
>     Hi Blu,
>     I posted an e-mail a while back asking about how to monitor the
>     progress of an uploaded file through a web site. Well... I got a
>     very informative response from Richard McCluskey (Thank you
>     Richard). I've put it to use in creating a web site which has just
>     gone live. Its
>     It's an e-mail attachment drop box web site service. There are
>     countless times when I've sent that large e-mail attachment which
>     gets bounced because it's to big for the recipient mail server to
>     accept. So this web site is basically my scratching an itch I've
>     had for a looong time. I know there are a bunch of alternative
>     sites which do what I just did, but, being the kind of do it your
>     self guy, I like to use my own stuff.
>     The other side of this is that I actually have a spare business
>     class internet service provided by comcast which basically sits
>     idle, so I figure why not set up a drop box web site to put the
>     idle bandwidth to at least some use...
>     So, I was hoping that you guys would surf to
>     <> and kick the wheels of the web site for me.
>     It's a php/mysql/javascript composition and I have a feeling that
>     it may cause problems depending on which browser is used to access
>     the site. I developed the site against the latest firefox
>     distributed by Fedora 16.
>     cheers. Steve.
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