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[Discuss] protecting kids online

Kent Borg wrote:
> On the gun analogy: Guns are dangerous for kids, so yes, lock up the
> guns.  Don't try to apply technology to make them safe to use.


I grew up with firearms in the house. My dad was a pistol and rifle 
instructor for the US Army and later privately so yeah, respect for 
firearms was drilled into me early on. The gun locker was there to 
ensure that the contents were not used AT ALL without proper supervision.

Respect, not fear. Fear is a perfectly natural reaction but fear leads 
to irrational decisions like trying to keep our precious snowflakes safe 
in the velvet confines of nanny filters, unable to learn to respect the 
dangerous things in the world around them. A healthy dose of respect 
combined with instruction in how to use the tools -- like how to specify 
useful search terms -- will do far more to keep your kids safe from harm 
than any padded box could ever manage.

Rich P.

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