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[Discuss] Why use Linux? (back to original question)

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>> In a web environment you should be using Linux, hands down. I'll amplify
>> this assertion a little bit as well, you should make sure your web
>> service
>> environment is in a virtual machine on Linux.
> Everything you said can be done on any environment, mac, linux, unix
> (solaris, various BSD's), and windows.
> And you're wrong about sparse files.  All of the above support sparse
> files.

Yes, with enough work, you can put a V8 in a motorcycle, but that is a
strawman argument. The Mac file system HFS does not support sparse files
and the Unix UFS file system has not been available with a standard system
for some time now. I call that "does not support sparse files."

QEMU and KVM are standard in most main stream Linux distros. This blows
every other system out of the water. In debian, it is merely "apt-get
install ..." The networking with QEMU and support packages is better than
most proprietary systems on Windows and Mac.

My argument is that Linux is easier because these things are at your
fingertips, where as on other platforms they are mostly unreasonably
difficult to get and/or setup.

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