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[Discuss] Why use Linux? (back to original question)

markw at wrote:
> QEMU and KVM are standard in most main stream Linux distros. This blows
> every other system out of the water. In debian, it is merely "apt-get
> install ..." The networking with QEMU and support packages is better than
> most proprietary systems on Windows and Mac.

sudo port install qemu

This works on the *BSDs and on OS X after installing MacPorts. Call me 
blind but I don't see how "sudo apt-get install qemu" blows "sudo port 
install qemu" out of the water. If anything, the apt-get command 
requires three more key strokes.

I have a server running Debian. I originally tried KVM with Scientific 
Linux guests. The guest network interfaces didn't work at all. The guest 
kernels couldn't see their interfaces.

I tried VirtualBox. Network load crashed a guest which in turn crashed 
the host kernel. For this reason I likely won't use VirtualBox ever again.

VMware Workstation? Like a rock.

Rich P.

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