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[Discuss] bluetooth audio


As I keep twiddling with my linux desktop setup, I decided to venture 
into a wireless headphone project. So I went and got a USB 3.0 bluetooth 
dongle. The lsusb output gives for this device the following...

Bus 003 Device 006: ID 0a5c:21e8 Broadcom Corp. BCM20702A0 Bluetooth 4.0

I have a pair of BT ProHT head phones and after screwing around a bit, 
got them to pair up with my desktop and I was listening to audio happily 
ever after... Until... the sound stream started to studder and skip. I 
made sure the USB dongle was plugged into a USB 3.0 port which seems to 
help a bit, but other than that it became an annoyance.

I read somewhere on some web page that the bluetooth audio uses a lot of 
bandwidth and maybe linux is just not suited for realtime, high 
bandwidth over USB audio? Or are there other issues I need to worry 
about? There is basically no load on my workstation, and as workstations 
go, its rather beefy.

I'm wondering if I should just stay away from using bluetooth for my 
audio headphone needs.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated as usual.

Thanks. Steve.

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