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[Discuss] Ubuntu One file services

Stuart Conner wrote:
> They are virtually indistinguishable services, for my purposes anyway. The
> only difference is the name of the synced folder.

Pretty much. U1's sync mechanism was designed to closely resemble 
Dropbox's and it uses the same storage backends.

I myself am in the process of migrating off of Dropbox.

I gave ownCloud a try. Two tries, in fact. And then gave up. Something 
about how the web server kept crashing when I tried to enable logging in 
order to determine why the web server kept crashing.

So I'm giving AeroFS a spin. AeroFS looks a lot like Dropbox except for 
the name of the sync folder. What's different is that the storage 
involved is 100% mine. Each of my nodes running the client is also a 
server for other nodes running the client. None of my data is ever 
stored on their servers other than my account information and the list 
of client nodes registered to my account.

Rich P.

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