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[Discuss] AeroFS

Tom Metro wrote:
> Uses closed-source, proprietary software. Nullifies the first point.

Here's their Github repo:

It's certainly not their entire code base but it's more than most of 
their competitors provide.

Encryption and certificates are OpenSSL.

> If the encryption is done properly, and can be verified, it doesn't
> matter where your bits are stored.

Well, yes, actually, it does. Dropbox for example does the encryption 
properly but they can and do hand over the keys to law enforcement upon 

> A cloud storage service should have these characteristics:

AeroFS isn't a cloud storage service. It's a peer to peer sync tool.

I would prefer the open source solution. Problem is, the open source 
solutions don't actually work. That's a big mark against them. 
Philosophy is great and all but it doesn't get my files synchronized.

Rich P.

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