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[Discuss] AeroFS

Richard Pieri wrote:
> Tom Metro wrote:
>> Uses closed-source, proprietary software. Nullifies the first point.
> Here's their Github repo:
> It's certainly not their entire code base but it's more than most of
> their competitors provide.

I just browsed this and here's a sample of the projects they include in
their repository:

jnotify - Java bindings for native notification libraries
eclipse.platform.swt - Standard Widget Toolkit
openjdk-trim - Tool to trim unneeded classes from an OpenJDK build
protobuf-objc - Protocol Buffers for Objective C

Not only is it "not their entire code base", it isn't clear that it is
any of their code base. (Though chances are there is some overlap.) You
won't find here the syncing library, the wrapper around the open source
crypto libraries they are using, or even a reference implementation for
something like a command line client that implements the same sync

What's here is basically just random projects their lead developer has
forked in order to submit patches. They have only tangential relation to
the AeroFS file syncing project.

Now I understand why they don't link to this from their marketing materials.


Tom Metro
The Perl Shop, Newton, MA, USA
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