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[Discuss] share keyboard/video/mouse with 2 desktops

Ahh, so it isn't a KVM issue, per se'

> On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 11:01 AM,  <markw at> wrote:
>> Imagine.....
>> A windows system with a monitor, a mac laptop. a Linux system with a
>> monitor. Bouncing from keyboard and mouse is a PITA. Synergy allows you
>> to
>> connect the mouse and keyboard to one system and seamlessly move the
>> mouse
>> across all three monitors, and which ever monitor has the mouse, gets
>> the
>> keyboard.
> My problem with this is that you need a desk big enough for three
> displays.   If I'm going to have more then one display on my desk I
> would like to be able to sometimes have them all attached to a single
> system.   With Synergy each display is still dedicated to a single
> system.   The best possible system might be one that has a single
> keyboard/mouse and a bunch of displays (with physical monitor
> switching) which would allow me to on the fly map the physical video
> outputs from the individual systems in any way that I wanted onto the
> physical displays which are in front of me.   All while still
> retaining Synergy's ability to let me slide my mouse (and my keyboard
> input as well) from system to system across the wall of displays.
> Synergy would have to know  the current mapping of system video output
> to physical display to relay the input correctly.   If there are
> programmatically controllable multiple input/output video switching
> devices this could be done.   I suspect that the hardware required
> would be pricey though.
> Bill Bogstad

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