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[Discuss] network connection

On 07/10/2014 10:20 AM, Bill Bogstad wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 8:33 PM, j. daniel Moylan <jdmoylan at> wrote:
>> i was off in maine for a few days, messed around with my network
>> connections unsuccessfully and am now home in brookline and am unable to
>> connect, with no idea as to what i may have screwed up.
>> running xubuntu 14.04 oa asus aspire 1.
>> /etc/network/interfaces looks ok, NetworkManager is running as well as
>> nm-applet.
>> ifconfig shows the computer on which is where it is supposed
>> to be, route shows the asus router as the default gateway.
>> i can ping myself at but not the router at
> Are you doing this wired or wireless?    Can you try wired if only for testing?
> If you have the "arp" command (available in net-tools package) installed, see
> if your system is successfully getting the Ethernet address of the router.
> Alternatively, you can just "cat /proc/net/arp" to get more or less
> the same info.
> Do a "netstat -rn" and see if it looks okay.
> If you have wireshark or tcpdump installed use them to see if any
> packets are entering
> or leaving your system via whatever interface you are trying to get
> active.  As you fiddle
> with the config/ping the router, leave wireshark/tcpdump running so
> you can see if you
> elicit any packets.
At this point I don't have much to add.
First make sure the wireless radio is turned on. This can be either a
switch or a key on the keyboard. I think it is a key on the Aspire One.
>From the desktop, you should be able to pull down a list of wifi ssids.
Or as we discussed from a terminal iwlist should give you a list.
If you can see a list, then your wireless radio is working.

In the case above since you have a static IP address you need to make
sure that:
1. you have a netmask set up as
2. The router,, is set up as the gateway.
I tend to use the router as my primary DNS.

Make sure the router is turned on and working. This could possibly be
your problem.

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