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[Discuss] Revisiting VMWare ESX backup options

On Wed, Nov 19, 2014 at 8:42 PM, Richard Pieri <richard.pieri at> wrote:
> On 11/19/2014 1:40 PM, Rich Braun wrote:
>> And another reason for my head being in the clouds on this one (yeah, I
>> love
>> that Cloud buzzword): getting in the daily habit of something the business
>> world's already doing
> Go jump off a cliff. Everyone else is doing it; why haven't you? :)
> Because jumping on the bandwagon for the sake of jumping on the bandwagon is
> foolishness. Do things because they are appropriate solutions to the
> problems being solved, not because they're the flavor of the week. That's
> not being closed-minded about new technologies and ideas and ways of doing
> things; it's ensuring that my customers get the best solutions to their
> problems.

You are interpreting Rich's email differently than I suspect he
intended.  Or at least differently then I interpreted it.   My
interpretation is that as part of ongoing professional development, it
may be a good idea to become familiar with techologies that are being
adopted widely.   You will note that it isn't really important whether
your circumstances,or your current customers/employers, or even those
organizations that are adopting these technologies will actually
benefit from adopting them.   If they think the technologies will and
you can't provide them then you could be in a career limiting
situation.   Now you can try to convince them that they are wrong, but
this isn't always possible.   And of course there might be regulatory
requirements (or simply "suggestions") which mandate  suboptimal
technologies.   This might not be a desirable situation, but it isn't
always avoidable.  Being prepared for such future situations doesn't
seem like a bad idea to me.

Bill Bogstad

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