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[Discuss] Debian officially forked over systemd

> From: at [mailto:discuss-
> at] On Behalf Of Derek Martin
> You can read the bug reports yourself to find real problems with
> systemd breaking stuff

Just as vague as everything I've ever read anti-systemd.

> (you will find very little of that related to
> sysvinit, which has been very solid for decades), 

Except for the existence of launchd/smf/upstart/systemd, intending to fix obvious problems of sysvinit, including the lack of dependencies and automatic actions, plus the need for programmers to "daemonize" everything that's meant to run as a daemon, which complicates the development effort.

In short, I reject both the claim that systemd causes so many problems, and the idea that there's "nothing wrong with" sysvinit.

Additionally, whenever I write something intended to run daemonized, I have to write *separate* sysvinit scripts for every distribution, because they all use different conventions.  I don't have that problem with any of the modern replacements - launchd, smf, upstart, systemd.

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