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[Discuss] Startup?

So, I have come up with an idea that holds the potential to
revolutionize home networking, and greatly expand the idea of the IOT,
and more importantly, to deliver on the promise of the IOT.

This idea starts with dealing with the big security bugaboo of the IOT
and it goes on to potentially make it almost trivial to integrate
smart devices and to let them work together, and not just as we
foresee, but in ways we don't currently think of.

I could spend the next 20 years trying to do this on my own, but its
too good of an idea not to do something with.

Have any of you ever pitched a big idea to an angle investor?

Any advice for pitching such a big idea?

Where do you find an angel investor for such a thing?

Steven Santos

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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