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[Discuss] Verizon Landline Strikes Again

2015-02-27 11:21 GMT-05:00 Bill Horne <bill at>:

> On 2/26/2015 4:14 PM, Bouman MC wrote:
>> Fact1: I choose dial up landline service as a brass tacks answer to
>> hacking: Hacking can't happen, unless someone climbs a pole.
> Sorry, that's not correct. Once you connect to the Internet, you're just
> like every other Verizon user, no matter which "physical layer" you use to
> get online.

 Yes, no matter what the physical layer, I'm no different. But dial up is a
case of out of sight, out of mind. Do I really need my router to come up on
somebody else's laptop along with 15 other local routers? I think no. I
still believe the "climb the pole" concept, primitive tho it is has it's
operational value.

> Fact 2: Verizon has disconnected dial up landline without admitting it to
>> anyone. But they are still billing.
> Do you mean that Verizon no longer offers a dial-up, modem-based access,
> or that they have disconnected your phone line?

I mean they summarily have transposed all dial up accounts to a wireless
venue. The dial up phone # works, and connects to the server (1 mile from
me) but all IP addresses to all search engines are now blocked. Yes,
improbable tho that may be, that's the case. Every 6 weeks or so, the
password doesn't work, and I have to call Verizon and sit on hold so I can
hear a droid read from a flowchart apologizing for any inconvenience and
offering to "fix" it. Nothing was broken, the password was changed
internally. How did this happen? I think the NSA swept thru and ignorant
beaurocrats failed to cover their tracks because they are guaranteed a
paycheck 52 weeks/yr with no fear of employment termination. If this theory
is false, how do you explain the fact that the newly assigned User Name on
the wireless and landline are now not only the same (wasn't Verizon
Landline & Verizon wiresless two different corporate entities?) but the new
Acct Name is now a composite of my home phone # and first four digits of my
last name? I'm not stupid.

> Result: As I write, landline dial up to all search engines (but not other
>> web sites) has been blocked to my internet connection. I can send but not
>> receive mail.
> Well, then, you have /some/ connectivity. That tends to obviate problems
> in the physical layer, so please tell us more about the problem.
> See above point.

> This is an outrage. The customer service in India can't speak
>> our language and verizon pretends that they're gonna "fix" it, except that
>> they can't and just transfer you to someone else. By the way, I don't need
>> a technican, cust support and any other clown at the end of an 800 line.
> And Verizon doesn't need any complaints from customers, so they hire firms
> 7,605 miles away to give the impression that they care about you. As others
> have suggested, you must bypass them.
> Yes, I have wireless (which is how you got this message) but that's not the
>> point.
> Do you mean that you have email access via a cellular phone, or that
> you're using a WiFi hotspot? It's important.
> I use either somebody else's router (with permission) or my own wireless
account, which is separate from the dial up.

> When are We, the People going to stand up for our rights in this
>> country and start running it again, instead of letting the oligarchy that
>> is draining our taxes and right of access run over us with a tank?
>> Remember
>> the Iron Curtain? Remember Radio Free Europe? What's the difference
>> between
>> then and now?
> We have cable TV.
> Bill

> I continue to maintain that this country is being walked all over by the
> government. We finance them rationing our lives, our liberties and our
> freedom of speech.

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> E. William Horne
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