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[Discuss] pulse files in /tmp on RHEL 6

I have not been able to find a satisfactory answer online yet.

The /tmp directory fills up with many pulse directories such as

I have removed all pulseadio packages except pulseaudio-gdm-hooks.x86_64
0:0.9.21-17.el6 that is needed for gdm, but the directories are still
being created.

The problem is that while these directories are empty, they take up an
inode slot and eventually cause file system full messages. They are hard
to remove because when there are too many of them they cannot be removed
from the command line directory. I just do a remove of /tmp, and
recreate /tmp

it tends to occur for users logged in whether they come in from ssh, or
from VNC when a vnc server is running for a specific user. (I leave a
vncserver up for each member of the team). In the 20 minutes since I
cleaned them all out there are over 3000 with only 10 vncservers running
and only 1 active user, me

I could set up a daily cron just to remove these directories but that is
only a workaround

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