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[Discuss] Mythbuntu on VMWare slow

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> Behalf Of aldo albanese
> Hi,Not a linux guru like all of you, trying to learn it. ?I installed mythubuntu on
> VMWare 5. ?I noticed that the app is very slow to respond, I have it set to 4
> processors and lot of memory, it should go faster. ?Not issues running
> Windows machines. I have installed the guest, there is any tuning that I may
> need to do to make it faster.
> Thanks for the help.

When you say "vmware 5," I guess you mean ESXi 5, on a dedicated server, bare-metal installation, right?  Or some other solution?

Did you go into BIOS and enable the virtualization tech, such as vt-x, and vt-d?  What kind of hardware is it, did you check for firmware updates and such?

After installing the guest, did you install vmware tools (or openvmtools?)

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