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[Discuss] Mythbuntu on VMWare slow

> From: Discuss [ at] On
> Behalf Of aldo albanese
> I have it set to 4
> processors and lot of memory, it should go faster.

Oh - It is ok to overprovision processors, because the system will gracefully scale back client performance.  For example if you have a system with 8 cores, and you have 3 guests that each have 4 cores, that's ok.  Or even 3 guests that each have 7 cores.

It is not ok to overprovision memory.  Always leave at least a G or 2G available for the host OS (or more, depending on your guests configuration).  The host OS will cache and buffer stuff, so the bigger your guests are, the bigger your host OS should be.  I think a reasonable balance is something like ... Guests memory consumption should not exceed approx 75%-80% of the total memory in the system, and at least 1G available to the host.

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