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[Discuss] no longer stumped

That is, I'm still not sure exactly what fixed the problem (Lenovo bios
couldn't find OS after rebuild of /boot partition), but it was some
combination of:

     rebuilding the /boot partition several ways
     booting off the hard drive from the systemrescuecd
     running grub-install on both /dev/sda and /dev/sdb

So whoever suggested systemrescuecd is the hero of the week.

Sorry for not replying to the original thread, or knowing the name of my
hero.  I was running email via imap from my laptop while the desktop was
out of commission, and now fetchmail on the desktop isn't downloading
the mail that I actually read on the laptop.

It would be really nice to have a gnus setup that used imap and left the
mail on the server, but did the nice splitting and spam checking that I
have now with fetchmail/pop/spamassassin/gnus.

But I have to use my computer to get work done this week.

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This will make a good story to tell the grandchildren, if we live that
long.  Conrad Translation.

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