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[Discuss] NAS: encryption

On 7/9/2015 10:47 AM, Rich Braun wrote:
> I think I'm digressing from original topic by a substantial margin,
> but eventually those of us who fancy bigger NAS boxes for our homes
> will turn our attention to cloud-based equivalents.

I don't think so. As capacity (or desire for capacity) grows, the need 
for bandwidth to utilize that capacity grows. Getting that bandwidth 
from The Cloud is prohibitively (IMO) expensive.

My loaded microserver with 4TB of redundant storage cost about $900 for 
the chassis and drives. I spent around $50 on a good switch and some 
long cables. Actually running it costs me on the order of $25/mo. My 
Verizon bill is about $100/mo. So about $2500 for the first year and 
$1500 per year after that for power and ISP.

Meanwhile, 4TB of storage from AWS is ~$100/mo if I did the math right. 
Getting "up to" 500MB/s service, the closest to GigE speeds available, 
from Verizon is $275/mo. So, $3300/year every year.

If you want to step up to something a little more enterprise-y, a 
Synology DS1815+ with 8x3TB is currently $2239 on Amazon right now. It 
pulls up to 250W so it will cost a little more to power so somewhere 
around $4000 the first year and $1600/year to operate.

Meanwhile, 12TB of storage from AWS is ~$300/mo. The Verizon rate 
doesn't change. So, $6900/year every year.

I really don't see how "The Cloud" is at all a cost effective 
replacement for the in-home NAS.

Rich P.

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