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[Discuss] NAS: encryption


On Thu, July 9, 2015 7:50 pm, Richard Pieri wrote:

> If you want to step up to something a little more enterprise-y, a
> Synology DS1815+ with 8x3TB is currently $2239 on Amazon right now.

Does this $2239 price include the 8 drives?

>   It
> pulls up to 250W so it will cost a little more to power so somewhere
> around $4000 the first year and $1600/year to operate.

WOW!!!  Your electricity is EX..PEN...SIVE!  Assuming my math is right,
250W is 1kWh every 4 hours, that that means 6kWh/day * 365 days/year ==
2190 kWh/year.  To cost $1600 to operate you're paying $0.73/kWh!?! I...
don't think so.  So either your math is wrong or mine is.  By my math at
15c/kWh (which is MUCH more that I pay here in Georgia over the course of
the year), this would cost $328.50/year to operate.

> Rich P.


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