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[Discuss] Nexus 5X

An Otter Box case is $60. I broke mine in Italy a couple of years ago, 
and when I got home I made a claim and the otters sent me a new belt 
clip. I have dropped by Galaxy 5 on concrete a few times with absolutely 
no damage to the phone, A few scuffs on the case. But, the Otter box 
won't protect the phone from water.

On 09/29/2015 03:11 PM, Kent Borg wrote:
> I just spent money and ordered a new Google Nexus 5X phone. I didn't 
> want the bigger phone they also introduced today, but I did sweat over 
> two details on this one: Do I get the extra flash storage capacity 
> (bah, no micro SD slot in these phones), for $50? Do I get the $69 
> protection plan that includes my dropping it on the ground for two years?
> I decided to get both.
>  - The protection plan because I do drop my phone now and then, and I 
> will have it for two at least years.
>  - The extra flash storage because I expect to have it for more than 
> two years, and I always run short of storage. Not that *I* fill it up 
> with crap, everyone else does: just yesterday Google said they raised 
> the limit for Play Store .apk files from 50MB to 100MB. Why on earth 
> does a phone app need 100MB of space!?
> I also ordered a USB-C to USB-A cable. Another new standard, yet again...
> -kb, the Kent whose storage spending habit is offline maps...they can 
> be big, and it is a big planet.
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