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[Discuss] Notebook Recommendations?

On 5/1/2016 5:46 PM, Kent Borg wrote:
> I was attacked by a Murphy bed this last weekend. (Some strong
> springs involved?) It did not manage to kill me, the left side of my
> head, my left hand, and my left thigh shared the blow, so I will be
> fine. However, my old Lenovo notebook that I was reaching for didn't
> do so well, seems to still work, but the case is getting pretty
> fragmented. Time for a new computer.

Ouch. Sorry for your loss.

> So I think my wish-list is:
> - works with Linux

Which is pretty easy these days, actually.

> - mSATA

mSATA is dead. M2/NGFF (PCIe) drives are where the compact form factors are.

> - Intel graphics (they work better with Linux, right?)

Yes if you're not playing games. If you are then I strongly suggest
waiting until summer. AMD's mobile Polaris GPUs are supposed to start
shipping in June.

> - nice machine, doesn't have to be crazy fast
> - portable, no 17" display
> - inexpensive

What is your actual budget? Because to me, "inexpensive" in a notebook
is anything less than about $2K.

For ultraportable I suggest looking at the Dell XPS 13 Developer
Edition: 8GB, 256G PCIe drive, 1080p display, Intel HD Graphics, ships
with Ubuntu, for about $1K.

Rich P.

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