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[Discuss] CrashPlan Home is discontinued - what's next?

> That would be etckeeper which I've used for some time.

If you're still editing /etc config files, consider taking the time to learn how to administer them in a centralized revision-controlled manner.

You can find my vintage-2011 puppet modules on my git repo, and my new 2017 docker + ansible method is also there. I've taken pains to make the docker stuff much more straightforward, and to make the volume mounts of /etc contents for each service almost like directly editing etc files, except that some are templatized to reference shell variables that can be managed by docker-compose.

Once Docker shakes out a handful of its bugs, and improves its core volume plugin functionality, there will be little reason not to adopt this approach (either with docker or the harder-to-set-up kubernetes): you get a clustered setup that's as easy to manage as the traditional edit-in-place single instance server config, and you get HA for "free" if you're willing to run 3+ hardware nodes or cloud instances.


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