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[Discuss] CrashPlan Home is discontinued - what's next?

On 9/6/2017 4:53 PM, Rich Braun wrote:
> software you use. The tools to create such a thing are out there now,
> they just need to be packaged in the way Ubuntu solved the new-user
> installation problem that other Linux distros all had prior to 2007.

No, they're not.

The tools exist if you're already a Puppet slash Ansible slash CFengine
slash Chef slash Salt slash whatever-flavor-you-decide-to-package guru.
For everyone else you need a reliable, fully automatic detection system
which can feed the configuration management engine and handle all of the
exceptions and snowflakes and other unique things you'll find in a
contemporary begadgeted home or the organically grown enterprise and
everything in between. Nobody to date has been able to create such a
detection system and not for lack of trying. It's the holy grail of
systems monitoring.

Rich P.

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