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[Discuss] Future-proofing a house for networking -- what to run?

Richard Pieri <richard.pieri at> writes:

> On 9/13/2017 1:48 PM, Bill Horne wrote:
>> WiFi-only devices will require that the owner keep updating his 
>> equipment every time his ISP adopts a new WiFi standard. I feel that the 
> This has never been a requirement of 802.11 devices. My 802.11b and
> 802.11g devices still work with my 802.11n access point and I have no
> doubt that they will continue to work if and when I get an 802.11ac or
> more recent AP.

Except that if you have TRUE 802.11b devices, it will downgrade your
802.11g network completely to 11Mbps.

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