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[Discuss] Future-proofing a house for networking -- what to run?

On 9/14/2017 9:11 AM, grg wrote:
> Which spec are you referring to?  Please cite your source.

IEEE 802.3ab presentation from the IEEE. My Google-Fu is failing to find
it. Might be paywalled. :P

The spec hasn't changed since 1999 or so but the industry has defacto
standardized things like everything being full-duplex by default.

Anyway. I checked with the network admin at work. He didn't have
anything to say about Cat 5 or Cat 5e because it's obsolete at the
enterprise level but he did say that Cat 6e runs under 100m is more than
sufficient for anything you could do in a home. The only reason to go
with Cat 7 is boasting about having full 10-Gig Ethernet capability.

Rich P.

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