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[Discuss] perl and xml

Bill Ricker <bill.n1vux at> wrote:
>> >   root[0][0].text = 'good_tag_001'
>> So much for Python supposedly being more OO than Perl.

Jerry wrote:
> That is just the way Rich coded it.

Thanks, Jerry. The request didn't seem to call for a full-blown python
program, just a short script. Part of the appeal of python is that, like bash
or perl, it can be used for quick-hack scripts.

If you guys want to pick apart an OO program that I wrote recently, below is a
link. But that takes us way beyond the scope of the original post, which was a
how-to-update-XML query posed as a perl query but to my mind didn't exclude
solutions in other widely-available languages. And yes, I realize perl is just
as widely available as python; a lot of people don't realize that the converse
is true (that python is as widely available as perl: they go hand-in-hand like
vim and bash).


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