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[Discuss] New document on Unbound caching DNS server

Hi all,

The Unbound DNS server is the new kid on the block. A lot of admins are
replacing BIND9 with Unbound, perhaps plus an authoritative DNS server
for their domain. 

More interesting still, a lot of laptop owners are installing Unbound
to replace their old or per-accesspoint resolvers with a full
caching DNS, which is more secure, faster, and makes for much faster

At  I've 
created a new document detailing the installation and setup of Unbound,

* Making it useable all across your LAN

* Optimizing for lookup speed with pre-priming and other techniques

* Enabling remote control

* Making DNS forward and reverse resolution of LAN local computers
  available across the LAN, without using a traditional Authoritative

* Landmines and gotchas.

* Forwarding to a traditional authoritative DNS server.

Hope you like it.


Steve Litt 
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