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[Discuss] Contract work: Straightening out expired SSL certs for a client

I'm doing some Agile Coaching for a medical device startup in
Cambridge.? I'm also trying to get some their IT straightened out.? The
current problem is their continuous build system, where Jenkins
automatically builds software committed to bitbucket and places the
artifacts in shared storage.? Bitbucket notifies Jenkins when repos are
updated, but Jenkins can't pull the repo from bitbucket over ssh.

We are 99% positive this is because the SSL certs expired and it stopped
working that very day, but the way it was set up is a bit beyond my
capabilities.? We tried the directions to renew the certs and it said we
went over some retry threshhold and would not let us try to renew it
again.? I've done a few hours of discovery work but not positive how to
fix the problem.

They're using letsencrypt SSL certs, and the chain of software is:

jenkins --> cloudflare --> nginx --> bitbucket?

Jenkins is running in GCP I think and the rest are on one server on
another popular virtual server provider.

If anyone is interested in taking this on, or at least reaching out to
the company and finding what they are willing to pay, please contact me
immediately at david at . Ideally this would get fixed very
early next week or even over the weekend.


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