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[Discuss] Thunderbird not connecting to Comcast IMAP server

Nothing changed on this end. 

It connected fine up until Sunday night. But I can't explain why TB successfully connects to Comcast on one system, but not on the other.

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Did anything change on your end?  Did you take any updates?

Could it be a TLS ciphersuite incompatibility issue?
I believe that F30 disabled a BUNCH of old ciphers.
If Comcast is running an older IMAP service you might not have compatible
ciphers anymore.


On Wed, October 9, 2019 8:27 am, epp at wrote:
> Beginning this past Monday, Thunderbird and the SeaMonkey suite (on Fedora
> 30) mysteriously stopped connecting to Comcast's IMAP mail server.
> In trying to diagnose the issue, I also installed Evolution, which also
> failed to connect.
> After removing the Comcast accounts from Thunderbird, attempts were made
> to add them back in, however when Thunderbird attempted to check the
> password, that process becomes stuck, as if Thunderbird cannot resolve the
> IP address(es) for the Comcast server. I let it sit like that for 15
> minutes without success, then clicked Cancel.
> Thunderbird otherwise connects to non-Comcast IMAP servers perfectly.
> I also have Geary installed and that successfully connected to the Comcast
> server, yet the other three email clients could not.
> Could this be an issue on Comcast's end? If it were a DNS or resolver
> issue, then nothing would connect.
> I have Thunderbird installed on a second system and it connected to
> Comcast successfully on that, last night.
> Thanks for any replies/suggestions.
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