BLU Desktop GNU/Linux SIG Meeting - How & Why to Root Your Android Device - Weds, Apr 3, 2013

Will Rico willrico at
Fri Mar 15 12:58:28 EDT 2013

When: Wednesday, April 3, 2013 6:30PM

Location: Akamai, 8 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA ­



        1) Please note the location is different from our
           standard MIT meeting location.

        2) Akamai has generously agreed to provide space
           and 'free as in food' for this meeting.
           Thank you to our sponsor!


        How & Why to Root Your Android Device and/or 
        Install ROMs/Radios


        Thanks to Android's use of Linux for its
        kernel, Linux is the most popular operating
        system in use by consumers in the world.  

        However, many people aren't taking advantage
        of the freedom this permits, but rather
        allowing themselves to be walled in by the
        proprietary interfaces that come with their
        Android devices.

        For April's meetup, we introduce you to a man
        with the keys to set you free.  Adam Stroud is
        the lead developer at RunKeeper and author of
        Professional Android Sensor Programming. He is
        a self-proclaimed "phandroid" and is an active
        participant in the Android virtual community on
        StackOverflow and Android Google groups.

Presentation Outline

        -- Why root/modify your Android device?
        -- What's the difference between "rooting" and
           installing a ROM or radio?
        -- Cool things you can do once your device is rooted
        -- Demonstration of rooting a device
        -- Q&A

Transportation & Parking

        The Akamai office is a short walk from the Kendall
        Square T stop and other public transportation.

        Metered parking should be available near our

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