MediaOne and Linux (yet again)

Derek Atkins warlord at
Wed Aug 12 12:34:41 EDT 1998

Make sure that it is using the proper media...  You could have a
frotzed card or a bad network cable....  At this point it isn't
a Linux configuration issue.

Good Luck,


"Peter R. Breton" <prbreton at> writes:

> > This output seems to imply that the card is up and running fine.  It
> > is certainly configured, and it is transmitting AND receiving
> > packets....  So, what is failing, now?  From your linux box you should
> > be able to ping other machines on, assuming they are setup
> > properly.
> I can't ping anything in the network. The other machines (a
> Mac and an NT box) can ping each other, though. When I had the cards
> reversed (eth1 going to MediaOne, eth0 to internal network), the
> internal network worked fine but I got no MediaOne connection. Hence my
> guess is that, despite the boot messages, the card is somehow whacked.
> Someone on one of the express.* groups (the MediaOne newsgroups)
> mentioned changing IRQs and having his card mysteriously start to work.
> Right now that seems as likely an approach as any.....
> 			Peter

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