MediaOne and Linux (yet again)

Jerry Feldman gaf at
Wed Aug 12 13:49:49 EDT 1998

At 12:08 PM -0400 8/12/98, Peter R. Breton wrote:

>I can't ping anything in the network. The other machines (a
>Mac and an NT box) can ping each other, though. When I had the cards
>reversed (eth1 going to MediaOne, eth0 to internal network), the
>internal network worked fine but I got no MediaOne connection. Hence my
>guess is that, despite the boot messages, the card is somehow whacked.
>Someone on one of the express.* groups (the MediaOne newsgroups)
>mentioned changing IRQs and having his card mysteriously start to work.
>Right now that seems as likely an approach as any.....
Lets try to trouble shoot the problem systematically.
First, try each card separately on your internal network, with the other
card not installed. Then, if each card works by itself, then place both
cards in the system, and test with one card on the internal network and the
other card idle (you might want to use a terminator). This test will see if
there is a problem with two cards.

Another issue that may affect you is plug and pray. Try turning P&P off (if
your system allows that). In any case, once you have guaranteed that both
cards work of that you have discovered the flaky card, then test the good
card with mediaone with the second card out of the system. I don't remember
what cards you have, but I found that some of the LinkSys ISA cards don't
work on all the IRQs that the docs say they can. Also, I seem to remember
that one of your cards is a Tulip card. There was a bug in the Tulip driver
in RH 5.0, but when I applied Jay Estrabrook's patch, the system did not
even recognize the chip. The problem was with the thin wire.
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