Solaris for free?

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At 20:05 08/12/1998 -0400, Chuck Young wrote:
>No validity is implied.  I'm waiting for confirmation myself, but it is an
>interesting thought...

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Definitely a news: The first link on
is to:

Free* SolarisTM Promotion for Non-Commercial Use 

Customer must pay media, shipping, and handling charges

 Get your free* copy of the SolarisTM operating environment for either the
 or SPARCTM platform, for just the cost of the media, shipping, and handling. 
 In order to participate in this promotion, you must be a registered
 member of the SunSM Developer ConnectionSM program, either as a SolarisTM
 developer or JavaTM platform developer. If you are not already a member: 

   1.Bookmark this page. 
   3.Return to this page using the bookmark you just set. 

 Please read the License Terms for this program. 

 If you have any questions about this promotion, please check our Frequently
 Asked Questions first. Free tools for Solaris are available at 

 Before ordering Solaris Intel Edition, you may wish to view the Hardware
 Compatibility List for Solaris. 

 How to Order:

 Due to overwhelming initial demand for the Free Solaris for
 Non-Commercial Use promotion, you may experience significant
 delays when ordering. 

 We ask for your patience during this initial period, and suggest
 that you return to place your order sometime in the near future.
 Sufficient quantities of software *are* on-hand to fulfill the current
 demand, so no rush on your behalf is required. 

 We apologize for any delays you may be experiencing. 

 If you are a member of the Academic Community

 Sun offers a whole range of products and programs for the Academic
 community. Visit the Academic & Research Computing website. To request
 your copy of Solaris software, click here. You will have to login to the
 Developer ConnectionSM, take a survey and place your order. 

 If you are a Developer

 Sun provides a range of services and benefits for all types of developers.
 the Sun Developer Connection website. To request your copy of Solaris
 software, click here. You will have to login to the Java Developer
Connection in
 order to take a survey and place your order. 

 Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. One copy per platform per customer. 

 "The software is subject to terms and conditions and use of the software is
 governed by the terms of an End User License Agreement included with the
 software. Software availability, price, terms and conditions are subject to
 change without notice." 

 * Customer must pay media, shipping, and handling charges.
 ** "Non-commercial" means personal and not use for commercial gain or in
connection with business operations
 (such as MIS or other internal business systems). 

Subcription/unsubscription/info requests: send e-mail with subject of
"subscribe", "unsubscribe", or "info" to discuss-request at

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