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Christoph Doerbeck doerbeck at
Fri Aug 14 09:51:44 EDT 1998

For those of you who plan to attend the "Linux Soup" meeting next week,
are there any questions you would like for me to address?

At this time, I am pretty much planning to cover topics dealing with
"Using Linux" at home.

	+ setting up PPP
	+ customizing X11
	+ what is /proc
	+ basic internet security setup (tcpd, sendmail)
	+ demonstrating some free applications (Gimp, Lyx, SANE, xfmail)
	+ demonstating some Applixware

As you can see, there's alot to cover...  But my intention is touch on
a lot of topics and hopefully input for you will help drive the direction of
session.  We'll spend time on whatever topics are of interest.

If my computer decides to have another hardware failure, the session is screwed
and we'll go out for pizza ;-)

- Christoph

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