The future of linux

David P. Greenberg bitco at
Tue Feb 1 08:16:38 EST 2000

My biggest two complaints are
1. Compatabillity issues. Linux doesn't work with the wide variety of
hardware that Win9x does, and the hardware is difficult to set up. (ie
Parallel port zip drives and twain scanners).
2. Installing progies. Although KDE and RPM have greatly helped to automate
the process, many aps are still only availalable as tarballs. In a lot of
cases of freeware it's not even that. You go to an FTP site, and your lucky
if you can even figure out what to download. No I agree with the earlier
poster. Linux is truly a wonderful OS and a fun experience for geeks and
computer freaks, but not quite ready yet for prime time. Knowing what my
mother goes through with Windows, I wouldn't _DREAM_ of giver her Linux.
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