NIC's and Hubs

Henry Smith hjpsmith at
Tue Feb 1 17:34:27 EST 2000

Hi again,

Still trying to get my LAN up and working. Got some more RAM for the
Gateway P5-60 as people had suggested. But now I come up with two questions.

1.) I am looking for proper NIC's for this box as the
Server/Gateway/Firewall... It has two open PCI slots so that looks like the
way to go, one for the LAN and the other for the Cable Modem.

I've been poring over at the "Ethernet HOWTO" to get some better idea of
what I should be buying. Also looked at the
site. Lots of good info. But I am having a hard time comparing the NIC's in
the HOWTO with those I can find for sale using CNET. Am close to settling
in on an SMC EZ 10/100 UTP card. But even here I am having trouble figuring
out if this is a card that is listed in the HOWTO or not. Same problem with
some other cards.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a good reliable, relatively inexpensive
NIC? I guess I can live just fine with 10BaseT but if the price is right, I
might opt for the higher speed as I was clearly considering with the SMC EZ.

2.) Also, I am thinking that a hub is a hub is a hub <G>, so just about any
hub ought to do if that is the case. Does anyone care to comment on this as

Thanks a lot in advance.


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