NIC's and Hubs

Charles C. Bennett, Jr. ccb at
Wed Feb 2 00:26:41 EST 2000

> Does anyone have any suggestions of a good reliable, relatively inexpensive
> NIC? I guess I can live just fine with 10BaseT but if the price is right, I
> might opt for the higher speed as I was clearly considering with the SMC EZ.
> 2.) Also, I am thinking that a hub is a hub is a hub <G>, so just about any
> hub ought to do if that is the case. Does anyone care to comment on this as
> well?

Well Dr. Smith - for my own personal use I've been a long-time fan of
the NetGear FA-310TX ethernet card.  It's fairly well supported no
matter how many times NetGear changes the chipset.  I saw them yesterday
at CompUSA for $24.95.

Stay away from the Intel InBusiness card.  There are some non-trivial
hacks involved in getting the stock eepro driver to recognize it.

As for hubs, I'm pretty fond of the NetGear hubs also.  They make one
that has 4 net connectors and a parallel port.  The parallel port lets
you keep your hub and printer where it's convenient, not necessarily <
6' away from the PC.  You configure the hub with a network address and
tell your Linux system that it's a remote LPR printer.  Without the
printer port you can get a NetGear 4 port hub for somewhere around
$100, 8 ports for ~$179.


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