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Scott Stirling sstirling at
Wed Feb 2 00:53:26 EST 2000


Still looking for lots of people.  Not sure how many are on this list, or
how many are looking for work.  There's an interesting editorial in "Dr.
Dobb's Journal" this month about the supposed shortage of IT professionals.
The paradox is that there are tons of empty positions filling the want ads
of the newspaper, yet the recruiting companies can afford to take out ads on
television during NFL games.  What gives?

My company (Allaire) need people.  Anyone else have these woes or any ideas
about the situation?  Are the recruiters and the workers just not connecting
or what?

Scott Stirling
West Newton, MA

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> My company (Allaire Corporation) is in need of full time employees.  We're
> looking for UNIX, Linux, Java, C++, Oracle, etc.  Quite a few openings

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