NIC's and Hubs

Henry Smith hjpsmith at
Wed Feb 2 11:57:54 EST 2000

At 12:26 AM 2/2/00 -0500, Charles C. Bennett, Jr. wrote:
>Well Dr. Smith - for my own personal use I've been a long-time fan of
>the NetGear FA-310TX ethernet card.  It's fairly well supported no
>matter how many times NetGear changes the chipset.  I saw them yesterday
>at CompUSA for $24.95.
>Stay away from the Intel InBusiness card.  There are some non-trivial
>hacks involved in getting the stock eepro driver to recognize it.
>As for hubs, I'm pretty fond of the NetGear hubs also.  They make one
>that has 4 net connectors and a parallel port.  The parallel port lets
>you keep your hub and printer where it's convenient, not necessarily <
>6' away from the PC.  You configure the hub with a network address and
>tell your Linux system that it's a remote LPR printer.  Without the
>printer port you can get a NetGear 4 port hub for somewhere around
>$100, 8 ports for ~$179.

Thanks Charles. 

Both you and Derek M have recommended NetGear so I am pretty much decided
on going that way. One thing concerns me is that the Netgear site says that
the PCI slot used must have "bus mastering" enabled. It also says that some
pc's have only one such slot. The one I am planning on using is an old
Gateway p5-60 that I scrounged from a friend <G>. I guess I will have to
take a closer look at the docs - such as they are that I got from him -
kinda amazed that he still had them! <G> Also I am looking at the Gateway
site. I am afraid that the Gateway may have only one mastering PCI slot. 

Do you have any experience with this requirement?

I also found the Netgear Dual Speed 8 port hubs at a pretty good price on
the net so I am leaning that way but see my reply to Charles Bennett. Maybe
I will go with the NetGear NIC's and 10BaseT hubs for the time being,
assuming that the bus mastering issue is not a show stopper for the Netgears.

Thanks again!



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