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Brian J. Conway dogbert at
Wed Feb 2 18:05:42 EST 2000

> > Hi:
> > I think that the biggest hurdle that Linux has is support by the
> > hardware vendors.
> That's a good point, and everyone can help make that happen.  When you
> have a peice of hardware that doesn't work with Linux, write to the vendor
> and tell them you want support.  They WILL listen, when enough people
> complain.  They need to be made to see the market they are missing because
> their products aren't supported.

One disappointing exception to this is Sigma Designs and their Hollywood
Plus DVD chipset.  I bought a package with Creative's dxr3 decoder
because it was far superior to the dxr2 boards (which are manufactored
by Creative and have very nice Linux support).  I know I am not the only
one who has emailed Sigma's support multiple times requesting Linux
support, to receive an email saying that they are currently working on a
board which they will support under Linux, but have no interest in
supporting the Hollywood Plus chipset.  I currently boot Win98 solely
for DVD playback, and if my choices are between continuing doing that
and shelling out another $130 for another board to a company that only
wants to support Linux when it suits their pockets and paychecks, I
think I'll stick with my 500MB partition where it is.  Thanks anyways,

Brian J. Conway
dogbert at

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