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Wed Feb 2 21:00:17 EST 2000

> On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Charles C. Bennett, Jr. wrote:
> > Well Dr. Smith - for my own personal use I've been a long-time fan of
> > the NetGear FA-310TX ethernet card.  It's fairly well supported no
> > matter how many times NetGear changes the chipset.  I saw them yesterday
> > at CompUSA for $24.95.

Incidentally, the NetGear cards are manufactured by BayNetworks (Uh,
forgot, it's Nortel now) using DEC Tulip look-alike chips.  Earlier models
used the original DEC, and then, IIRC, DEC changed the chip and it was no
longer compatible. Then Bay designed their own DEC look-alike, which is
what is now used in the cards.

I believe it was Paul L. who told me this, so he'll probably have some
comments here...

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