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Derek Martin dmartin at
Thu Feb 3 02:59:32 EST 2000

On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Scott Stirling wrote:

> The Harvard Extension has lots of cool computer courses at convenient hours
> for workin' Joes.  The grad credit version of Java for Distributed Computing
> there is $1250.  They have lots of courses you can take over the web.  Don't
> know much about the quality other than the name association.

Had a couple of friends that went there, said the extension school's
computer courses sucked and they rake you over the coals ($$) because they
know they can.  I have no personal experience with them, so I can't really
comment and I don't know how seriously you should take that, but this came
from two different sources, both former coworkers of mine that I trust....  
Food for thought I guess.

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