Need new hard drive. Recommendations?

Matthew J Brodeur mbrodeur at
Thu Feb 3 08:45:04 EST 2000

On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, David Kramer wrote:

> I got spousal clearance to get a big enough hard drive for my Linux
> server that I should not want for another for a long time.  Prolly
> >=12GB, maybe >=17G, but I might decide to get a smaller SCSI hard drive instead.  I probably will spend about $200, but that's not a hard limit.
> Any recommendations?

   I'm usually very much a SCSI person, but I picked up two IBM Deskstars
from Egghead auction in the last few months.  The 15G was ~$110, and the
20.3G was ~$180, both 7200RPM UDMA/66.  They're fast, quiet, and seem to
have a positive reputation in the field.
   Of course, if I were to buy something now it'd probably be the 47G
Seagate from CSC.  $695 and they throw in a free external case! (Full
height drive, UW-SCSI) Ooohhhh...

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