Lilo -> NT Boot Loader

Ron Peterson rpeterson at
Thu Feb 3 10:02:13 EST 2000

> > They configured it to dual-boot via lilo, which is odd.  My
> > understanding was that w/ NT, you had to use NT's boot loader.  I
> > still need NT for some of my work (sigh).

> Actually, I "dual boot" my desktop system using LILO, between Linux and NT.
> When booting NT (which I very seldom do), LILO turns control over to the NT
> boot loader. From that point, it's identical to booting native NT.

Yeah, that's exactly what my laptop does.  Pretty neat.  I'm just afraid
someone at my office will turn my machine on sometime, then panic when
they see the Linux boot screen, not know how to turn it off, and just
hit the switch...:)

How did you get this to work?  If you install NT last, it grabs the boot
sector, no?  So you install NT first?  Then what?  I haven't seen this
method documented anywhere.  Is there a HOWTO or anything?

This is really just a curiosity question.  Not a really pressing issue
for me.

Ron Peterson
rpeterson at
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