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Thu Feb 3 11:25:41 EST 2000

Colin wrote:
> Hello everyone.  The words "tuition reimbursement" are being discussed in
> my little world, and this is a perk that I intend to take full advantage
> of.  I moved here about five months ago, and I'm aware of the major
> educational institutions.  I'm interested in taking some programming (Java,
> C++, Perl) and networking courses, and I am soliciting recommendations from
> the list about where I'll get the most bang for my buck.  I get 100%
> reimbursement, so cost is not an object, I'm more looking for a place that
> is devoted to going beyond the basics.  Please email suggestions directly
> to avoid list clutter.  I'm particularly interested in the Cambridge/West
> Boston area, because I live in Concord.

I've been pretty happy with time spent in course that are part of the
Northeastern University evening program.  See for the session that starts 2/14.

One GREAT thing about NEU is the 10 week semesters.  You can get a
course under your belt without getting into that "dead stretch" at
weeks 7-8-9 where you forget what you were taking the course for in
the first place.


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