Linux/Unix Jobs (fwd)

Kuan Lee kuanlee at
Thu Feb 3 14:48:52 EST 2000

Due to munged mail headers from my mail client (y2k related), I am 
resending this since some people may not be aware that they received 
my previous mail.   
This message was meant to solicit opinion.
If you hit the delete key the first time around, kindly do the same.
 Kuan Lee
	The instinct to command others, in its primitive essence, is a
carnivorous, altogether bestial and savage instinct.  Under the influence
of the mental development of man, it takes on a somewhat more ideal form
and becomes somewhat ennobled, presenting itself as the instrument of
reason and the devoted servant of that abstraction, or political fiction,
which is called the public good.
					-Mikhail Bakunin

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