Samba and firewall in the same box?

Bill Horne bhorne at
Thu Feb 3 14:14:06 EST 2000

Thanks for reading this:  I'd appreciate opinions.

My son has just started using email, and my wife has been kicking
me off the machine regularly, so it's time to put in an IPCHAINS
box and let everybody use the net at the same time.

Please tell me if I can do this in the same box that I now use
for Samba:  a 486 DX-2/66 with 16 MB of ram.  If needed, I can
swap in a Cyrix "all in one" board with 32 MB and a Pentium class

I'd like to keep the Samba server, and add dial-on-demand PPP
(soon to be replaced by ADSL), with all the other machines going
through this one to get to the net.


Thank you in advance.

Bill Horne

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