Samba and firewall in the same box?

Glenn Burkhardt glenn at
Fri Feb 4 10:01:51 EST 2000

It just occurred to me that you probably don't have static IP address 
assignments for your various networks.  This might be a problem.

The latest versions of pppd permit, if I read the documentation correctly,
dynamic switching of IP addresses once the interface comes up.  I've used
this for the remote IP address, and it works, but I've never tried using
it for the local IP address.

If you have multiple demand daemons running, there's also the issue of
what the default route should be.  In my setup, the default route assignment
is established by pppd, but I think it gets done when pppd starts up.  It
correctly switches to the current remote IP address after a connection is made,
but without research I don't know what will happen with two pppd's running.

The pppd program has a plethora of options, though, and hooks to execute
scripts when an interface connects/disconnects.  You'll have to experiment
a bit, it now appears.

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