Another Really Dumb Question regarding printers.

Jerry Feldman gaf at
Sun Feb 6 16:31:08 EST 2000

I just purchased a new hard disk to replace the one that was failing. Instead of simply making a copy of the boot and partitions, I did a fresh install of SuSE 6.3.  However, now my printer does not work. I've gone through a bunch of different scenarios including rebuilding the kernel to make sure I have the parallel port modules set up correctly. Just to verify that I did not somehow disable the printer, I rebooted into the old system and was able to print. 

>From the standpoint of lpd, I have checked spool directories, etc. I even copied the printcap and made sure the /var/spool/lpd subdirectories are identical. Even copying a file to /dev/lp0 yields nothing. 

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